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Giant Table Lamps

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At first glance they recall the fantastic and allegorical adventures created by Jonathan Swift with his Gulliver’s travels.

We are talking about giant lamps: solutions that, a bit like Lilliput, are inspired or copy all over the mini version of the table or desk lamps, except for the size.

There are many manufacturers who have enjoyed creating macro versions of the support lamps, to be combined with mini-sisters to furnish the living room, the bedroom and why not, even the outdoor.

A sort of search for amazement, both for contrast effects and for particular extra large.

This is what happens with Tree of Light, the giant table lamp, which is actually a great solution from the ground, to be combined with a dining table or sofa. Created by the team of Vormstudio, formed by Renier Winkelaar and Anke Boelens, the lamp is a contrast of materials, with details made of steel and structure instead of oak wood.

View from afar it looks like a table lamp, of which there is also a small version, but in reality it is two meters high and has a series of seams able to make it particularly articulated and comfortable to illuminate also a large space of the house or in the garden or Still on a terrace.

It reminds us of its own name, giant 1227, the version of the giant table lamp created by the English company Anglepoise, to celebrate the 75 years of production of Anglepoise 1227, the table lamp with the original design by George Carwardine.

GIANT 1227 has a adjustable structure, is made of colored aluminum, in shades of Grey, orange, red, orange and cream; It supports a particular 100 watt bulb, also ideal for illuminating at a great distance.

The giant table lamp is appended to new creations in mini version, by Anglepoise Type1227 and Anglepoise Type1228, created by designer Kenneth Grange.

After 70 years from the famous L1, also Luxit created a few years ago a giant version of its most famous table lamp, born from the pen of Jac Jacobsen.

With a height of 2.3 meters and 80 kg of weight, this structure in appearance seems very light is able to amaze, as well as for the context also for the similarity out of scale with its homonymous mini.

Great JJ, the initials of the designer, is the archetype of the classic table light, then taken in many versions and many other companies.

Rigorous and essential lines, on an aluminum structure, declined in white, black and grey, also available for exteriors, which is only a meticulous but oversize version of the original model of 1937, created by the ITre style Center, the group’s brand, together with the Historical Luxit.

Giant lamps also for outdoor

The Swan XL lamp, the giant version of the table lamp created by Eero Aarnio, is instead of the Finnish company.

Created specifically to be combined with a comfortable reading armchair, it has an imposing shape, original and definitely in contrast to the slender shapes of giant lamps seen so far.

Composed of three elements, the base, the stem and the illuminating body, consists mainly of rotational molded polyethylene (PE-HD) and is available in the three colors white, black and yellow. Swan XL is a floor lamp designed to be placed near the armchair of a reader in need of light.

It provides an excellent focal point for both lighting a small corner of a private space, and in large public environments.

In short, this product made in Finland meets the needs of anyone who needs a lot of light!

And among the most famous brands could not Miss Artemide with his classic and unforgettable Ptolemy, in the corresponding oversize model!

Ptolemy XXL is the giant version of the table lamp created in 1987 by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassia.

Base of 92 cm in concrete, with a movable arms structure in polished aluminium and a diffuser made of satin opal thermoplastic material.

Scale 1:4, for an illuminating body that of the table lamp has only the shapes, with its almost 3 meters high, that allow to illuminate even particularly large environments, always wonderful for the unprecedented combination. Especially in the outdoor version.
The only drawback is that the design in this case has a price not really accessible: it is around 6,000 euros!

Dining Table Lamps

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In the kitchen and especially on the table, the right lamp.

Lighting the dining table in the right way is very important; It is around this table that you meet with family and friends, that you spend evenings chatting in company or organizing intimate dinners of couple.

The atmosphere therefore to be created on this table must be particular, the lighting should be carefully studied in order to give the necessary light to perform the functions but not annoy or fatigue the diners; The dining table is the place par excellence for conviviality, meetings with family and friends.

The types of lamp that best fit to brighten the dining table are suspended or grounded, directed on the center of the table; In addition to this punctual light then you will have to have in the room another diffused light that creates the basic lighting.

With regard to pendant lamps, they must be centered on the table, they can be a central or different of smaller dimensions distributed along the central axis of the dining table; You have to pay special attention to the height of the lighting body.

The intensity of the light must be studied in such a way as not to be dazzling but not too low and above all it must have a sufficiently wide radius to illuminate the whole table but not exaggerated because it would risk to annoy or create bad shadows on Faces of the diners.

The ideal height of the lamp from the table top is 70-120 cm, depending on the type of lamp and therefore the cone of light that emits as well as the size of the table; Many models can be adjusted in height in order to be modified according to the needs and number of the diners; This type of lamp is particularly suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

Light up the dining table

Shiny has recently proposed two novelties regarding the suspensions particularly suitable for the dining table: Mai and Lea.

Mai is a pendant or ceiling lamp characterized by a direct and diffused light, it has a painted metal structure and the lower part is closed with a transparent prismatic methacrylate surface that improves the luminous yield, giving an optimum light For the dining area.

The light sources are electronic fluorescent from 40W + 22W; It is available in either internal or external glossy white finish or in the glossy white version on the outside and glossy orange inside or even red metallic or black glossy outside and white glossy inside.

Different colors that allow to adapt to different contexts and furnishings, the glossy color contributes not to weigh down the object and the reflections make it lighter.

The dimensions of the suspension are diameter 50 cm and Height 157 cm, the body is 17 cm high.

Lea is available with suspension, ceiling or wall; The structure is in glossy white painted metal, copper and black with a diffuser in the lower part in Opal PMMA.

The power supply is electronic and the suspension dimensions are 50 x H 160 cm.

Some exciting novelties for the dining area have also been presented by Moooi, such as Mistral, a PVC pendant lamp with an integrated fan inside.

The structure is formed by a chromed body, wooden and PVC blades and glass diffused, in dark brown, white with yellow blades.

It can be positioned at different heights ranging from 107 cm to 20 cm.

It is a very young and dynamic lamp, the shape is classic but the modern finishes and the fan inside remote controlled with a remote control make it unique and very particular. ©2018. All Rights Reserved.