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Emergency lamp also Lights Emergency light is lighting in the home that was used when the supply of electricity from the State electrical outages. There are some people who choose to use a Generator Set (Genset) to turn on the power when the country suffered electricity blackouts. Genset is indeed capable of illuminating a home when the power goes out, but it is not practical and the smoke from the Genset is dangerous.

Right now, pretty much the brand and type of emergency lights on the market. Before buying should read several how to select Emergency Lamp in your home.

1. Please specify Lamp used stuck in walls or Portable

Based on usability and its placement, Emergency Lights are divided into two types, namely Portable and Wall Light (Wall Lamps).

Emergency lights are portable types could be carried everywhere (Mobile) so that the light is not only be in one place, but it can be placed anywhere according to your needs. the advantage of this lamp is user can take him to where he wanted and not have to bother looking for the hanger.

Types of Wall Light has the characteristics of IE have a Handle (handrail) and attached to a field. in principle the light will always be put in the same place. because the light is simply not to carry around. its shape is usually uncomfortable for gripped. However this form has advantages. i.e. you don’t have to bother looking for it again because he will always be where she hung.

2. Specify the Material of the Led Lights or Neon

Emergency lamp based on light source that is used is divided into 2 (two) that is LED and Neon. In terms of cost, the LED light is superior because it has a good level of lighting as well as a comparison of his smaller wattage than fluorescent bulbs resulting in more efficient.

But unfortunately, the price of emergency lights LED are more expensive compared to the emergency lights of neon. In addition, when one of the dead LED lights you have to replace the whole thing. This is in contrast with the Neon lights, when he dies, he can be replaced at any time.

3. Determine Battery Charge Auto or Manual Lights

Emergency lights are generally have the time light about 4 – 6 hours and the docking between 8 -10 hours. There are 2 (two) types of charging the battery system Discharge Auto IE and Manual Discharge.

On the system Auto Discharge lamps will charge the battery when it is empty and will stop when full. This system makes the batteries will not be experiencing excess charging and damaged. This type of lamp is practical because users do not need to unplug the cable and flashy lights.

Manual Emergency discharge lamps are typically found in portable emergency lamps types are lamps that require users to fill out the electrical power manually (by way of striking the cable to stop contact and pulled it out when it is full).

This type of lamp is usually cheaper but the risks are if you forget would be going to excess charging that finally made his battery is damaged.

4. Select the type of Lead Acid or Lithium Batteries

There are two types of emergency lights on the battery that is a Lithium battery and Lead Acid.

Lithium has the advantage of that is more durable, thin like a battery on HP, thus making the emergency lights lighter.

While the Lead Acid Battery not lasting, great shape thus making heavier emergency lights.

How Do I Select It?

• See the required needs, if you want lights that you can take them everywhere then you can choose the type of portable emergency lights. This lamp also many exciting tours ranging from small to large, ranging from mild to severe.
• See the wattage being used. This is usually listed in the light cardboard. If you want more efficient emergency lights, select LED. Also note the weight of the lights, if your wall is not able to withstand severe then select the emergency light uses lithium battery. Sometimes users tend to vote with the emergency lights are a bit heavy with the consideration that the heavy stuff will be more sturdy. but not so. the actual item weight does not affect how strong the lights ability.
• Pay attention to design, especially for emergency light that hung on the wall. on the market for sale various forms of emergency lights, there is a box, square, there’s even a lamp shaped like a neon. Customize your home with interior design, do not get emergency lights instead strikes the interior of your home.

How Do I Order For Emergency Lights Are More Durable?

• The first step, after buying make sure emergency lights must be filled in full power for 8 – 10 hours. then after a full charge and new lighted again.
• Within 1 month, although not in a State of power outage, emergency light should remain lit. This needs to be done so that doesn’t happen the deposition of electrical current that could cause the lamp is broken.

How many times in a year you should replace the lamp emergency whether it’s because of damaged or because we’ve never diligently to care for as diligently to do cleanup and charging battery contained therein regularly once a week , for that there is a very easy way so that our emergency lights can last a long time and we can use continuously without the need to perform regular maintenance, doing only minor changes, please follow the steps below:

Prepare tools and materials like in the picture below.

1. Soldering iron
2. Lead soldering and also lotfet to clean the tip of the solder
3. A screwdriver to open the bolt on emergency lamps
4. USB cable
5. Power Bank with a large battery capacity
6. Extension of USB port 4.

After all the tools and ingredients prepared the next step is unpacking the emergency lamp using screwdriver, open all the bolts that hold the casing of the emergency lights, and describe all the circuit and cable contained therein, remember beware lest there is a cable is disconnected or connected short at the time of unpacking.

After all the circuit and cable breaks down with a good next step is to measure the voltage of the battery used in the emergency lights, when the voltage read on the multi-meter/avometer is 5V then lights emergency ready for modification.

Look at the series of PCB found in the emergency lamps, then look at the image below.

The part that was given a circle is part of the cable that has to be modified, for the blue cable is a cable that connected with electricity 220V AC cable, while the red and black cable is connected to the battery, to Blue cable you can eliminate by means of cutting or removing the solder, while for the red and black wires connected to the battery you can cut the core as in figure below.

After the blue cable is removed and the red and black wires connected to the battery in pieces then the next step is to cut the USB cable and peel the outer skin of the cable so that the cable inside the visible, such as a USB cable in General then you will find the content of the cables are red, black, green, and white, and then you can cut the wires are green and white with a red cord and leaving her black just like in the picture below.

The steps were later you can connect the red cable on the USB cable with the red cable that is contained in a series of emergency lights, as well as cables are black, in connecting the cable it is recommended to do the soldering and wrapped with electrical insulation or a burn like in the picture below.

After the USB cable and the cable series on emergency lights is connected properly then you can set him back all the casing and also tidying up the USB cable as shown above, and emergency lights are ready to try. connect the USB cable of yesteryear with the power of the bank that you have and just like in the picture below: emergency lights are lit with a good and durable can be turned on him. The experiment I did for power bank with capacity 5000mAh can light up 8-10 range, of course if your bank power capacity greater then his old emergency light usage will also be longer.

Easy enough right, good luck hopefully dead lights this time doesn’t make you annoyed because it can still get the bright light.

You certainly heard and read much about the advantages and benefits of energy efficiency of LED emitting light emitting diode lighting vs. traditional. When you compare them with other energy-saving lighting methods available in the market today, you’ll find that LED lighting is the most power saving and intelligent solutions. The latest research and developments in the field of LED lighting is about to bring us a green smart LED lighting revolution that will help us save the planet. Join us now and be part of it! for that reason we bring emergency lights are LED.

By far the most energy-efficient, the most cleanest and environmentally friendly lighting is lighting, which is basically a digital light and comes with many benefits of emergency lights LED.

In fact, in making a big leap in technology that can be seen as much as an upgrade from analog to digital. LED lights are digital, and advantages over conventional lighting ‘ analogue ‘ is huge and a great benefit to both users of this “digital light technology” as well as for our planet.

That’s why we believe it has a lot of good reasons to be passionate about LED lighting and are very excited about offering our exclusive LED emergency lights wholesale parts with quality LED lights.

8 Benefits LED emergency lights
1. Long life time

A long life time is as the number one benefit of emergency lights LED. Diode and LED lights have a life expectancy of operational time is remarkable up to 100,000 hours. It is 11 years of continuous operation, or 22 years of operation 50%. If you leave it on the LED fixture for 8 h per day it would take about 20 years before you need to replace the bulb.

Emergency lights LED lighting with different standard: they are not really on fire and stopped working as a standard lamp, let alone a diode lighting emitting lower levels of output for a very long period and became less sunny.

2. Energy efficiency

Today’s most efficient lighting and lighting, with energy efficiency is estimated to 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs. This means that about 80% of the electrical energy is converted into light, while ca a. 20% gone and converted into other forms of energy as heat.

With the traditional incandescent light bulb operates at a 20% energy efficiency alone, 80% of the electricity that is lost as heat.

Because of the long life span of LED emergency lights. You will see that you can make significant energy savings as well when it comes to maintenance and replacement of operational life time due to the length of the LED lighting.

3. Ecologically friendly

LED emergency lamp free of toxic chemicals. Most conventional fluorescent lighting contains many materials such as mercury are harmful to the environment.

LED emergency lights do not contain toxic materials and 100% recyclable, and will help you to reduce Your carbon footprint by up to a third. The operational period of the above mentioned longevity means also that one LED lights can save on materials and production of 25 incandescent light bulb. A major step towards a greener future!

4. Quality of lasting

LED emergency lights are very durable and sturdy components built with very coarse and can withstand even the worst conditions.

Emergency lights because LED are resistant to shocks, vibrations and impact externally, they make great outdoor lighting system for rough conditions and exposure to the weather, wind, rain or even vandalism of external, traffic-related exposure the public and construction or manufacturing sites.

5. Zero emission of UV

Emergency lighting LED produces little and near infrared light no UV emissions.

Therefore, the emergency lighting of LED particularly suitable not only for goods and materials sensitive to heat because the interests of a little heat radiation emissions, but also for an explanation of the UV sensitive objects or materials in the museum, art galleries, archaeological sites and others

6. Light

LED emergency lights designed to focus the light and can be directed to a specific location without using external reflectors, achieve higher efficiency than conventional lighting applications. Well designed LED lighting system can provide a more efficient light to the desired location.

7. Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching

LED emergency lights brighten soon and when lit.

Also, emergency lights LED can be turned off and often and without affecting the lifetime of LED or light emissions. In contrast, traditional lighting may take a few seconds to reach full brightness, and frequent on/off switching is not drastically reduce the operational life expectancy.

8. Low-Voltage

A low voltage power supply sufficient for emergency lighting LED. This makes it easy to use the LED light also in outdoor settings, by linking sources of external solar energy and is a great advantage when it comes to using LED technology in remote or rural areas.

LED emergency lights currently used more electric light lieu society when dead lights.

In addition to practical, LED emergency lights also has other advantages, such as electric power saving, and the light is brighter. Unfortunately, it is difficult to select the emergency lights LED which can be long-lasting.

Most are sold in stores have low quality, ranging from a quick soak, battery LED lights burnt or dead, until the charger burn out. There are some tips on choosing and caring for emergency lights in order to be durable.

Tips On Choosing An Emergency Lights

Customize to your needs. If you want a light easy to carry everywhere then you can choose the type of portable emergency lights.

This lamp has a lot of variety. If you often camping or outdoor activities, choose lights that has a dual function: lighting lamps and spotlights.

Select which has sufficient battery endurance.

Buy emergency lights that have the button light settings.

Note the weight of the lights, if you want to select the emergency lights that light the LEDS use baterei lithium.

Most users tend to choose the emergency lights with a heavy weight assuming will be more sturdy. Weight of the goods does not affect how strong the lights ability.

Notice the design, especially for emergency light that hung on the wall.

How To Take Care Of LED Emergency Lights

After buying the lamp, do not directly used. Do the battery charging until the battery is fully charged. The range of charging time approximately 6-8 hours.

Don’t charging over 12 hours because usually are not equipped with automatic circuit breaker voltage when battery is full. This will result in a battery leak/leak.

If within a period of approximately two months LED emergency lights not in use you should still do the refilling as the first points at least three months.

Do not charge the battery when the electric current in the batteries is still a lot. Did charging when an electric current is really want to sign up, start a flame lamp DIMS and flashes.

Replace the lamp when the edges are already apparent in black stain, because it can inhibit the performance of a series of emergency lights in electronic which may be bad on the battery or the battery is dry inside.

Save emergency lights LED at a steady component incorporates a battery in it are not damaged.

When charging the battery must not be combined with other plugs, such as TVs, refrigerators and so on.

All emergency lights use a battery to power the lamps to ensure continuous availability of the device. These batteries are rechargeable and can be of two types: Hermetic lead batteries (similar to those used in cars), nickel-cadmium batteries and sealed lead acid batteries; These are the oldest rechargeable batteries available today. They are composed of two plates in lead alloy dipped in acid, which breaks the plates producing electrons that give rise to the electricity. More recently, lead battery technology has improved, allowing you to have fully sealed units that do not require the addition of water to keep the acid level balanced. However, it is necessary to provide for periodic substitution. Let’s see how to replace the battery of an emergency lamp.

How many times we have opened the refrigerator and find it completely in the dark, immediately we think that the light has gone away but then we notice that the problem concerns the light bulb that no longer works. Generally each refrigerator is placed with a light source, this like all the lamps after a number of operating hours can interrupt its operation. All the necessary information on how to replace the lamp in the refrigerator you will find them in the steps of this guide.

It is advisable, before proceeding to replace, to make sure that the problem is the light bulb. In fact it is often just the plastic mechanism that crashes. So with open fridge we try to press the button on which the door rests when it closes. If the mechanism is working and even pressing the light will not turn on then the bulb has blown.

It is essential, however, before manipulating any object that works by current, unplug or intervene in the main switch of the apartment. So also in this case to work in absolute safety detach the current. Having done this, we open the refrigerator and locate the position of the lamp, inside of it. This is usually at the top right. We remove the various foods that do not allow us to work in comfort and, make room. In case we have a second refrigerator we have the option to move food.

At this point, we take the screwdriver, usually serves the cross but, the type changes from model and brand of the appliance. Unscrew the lamp cover fixing screws then, remove the cover, taking care not to lose the screws and pull the lamp out.

Of course, we’re going to replace a bulb corresponding to the one removed. When we go to buy it, we present to the dealer that the lamp we need for a refrigerator, then specially built to withstand the cold. However, we keep the receipt in case the lamp purchased is not good for our fridge. At this point we can screw or insert the lamp contacts and, re-position the lamp cover, with the special locking screws. Finally the light is back in our refrigerator and, we no longer have to turn on a light in the middle of the night in order to get something from inside the refrigerator.

We often take it for granted, but lighting at home is fundamental.

To study the positioning and the typology, local per room, according to the function of use, the height of the ceiling, the aesthetics and more, it is useful to not neglect anything and to have always available the right light, especially when it is evening.

In These winter months especially, when the days are short and the hours of light decrease, you realize how much you have an adequate lighting system is basic. But we also think of the emergency situations that can arise, when maybe for a strong thunderstorm or a drop in tension there is a blackout and we remain in the dark suddenly and without warning in our house.

Although it is a space that we know by heart, when we no longer have visual references it becomes difficult to reach the landing to see if the current there is present or even just find a lamp or an emergency torch CE allow us to intervene to Restore artificial light.

For blackout we mean the temporary suspension of the electricity supply, the one that in the house allows us to operate lighting, but also household appliances of various kinds.

Discomfort is always important: You do not orient yourself, you feel helpless and not safer.

Also if the appliances were functioning and normally attached to the current, they stop and if the current does not return in a matter of minutes, you risk having to throw food supplies in the fridge or freezer for example.

In fact the autonomy is a few hours, closed fixture, but no more. Moreover, especially when it is dark outside, you notice how until the current is not returned, it is impossible to do any activity: work, clean house, cook, etc.

For all these reasons we must never overlook the importance of having one or more emergency lights, which can be fixed, attached to the wall or to the power sockets, or even mobile, such as torches or portable lamps.

LED emergency lamps and pull-out torches

A good solution, practical and functional, is represented by the emergency lights extractable.

The advantages lie in the fact that we always know where to find them and how to reach them.

At this point we can extract and use them to make our way and illuminate the spaces, avoiding to stumble and to bump into obstacles and impediments.

A first example of this typology is represented by a Linergy, portable and LED emergency lamp.

This perfect emergency lamp can be installed inside a frame that can be of different colors: white, grey or black, to get married perfectly with the other plaques of the house.

Two versions available: two or three modules.

Installation and assembly are easy because it fits the ignition plates that we have at home.

Discreet and tidy, it lives in the plaque but at the need, when it is able to illuminate the house following an annoying blackout, it extracts pulling from its base and carries it with itself like a portable and autonomous torch for a duration of two hours with a recharge of 12 Hours.

Its battery recharges and replaces its exhaustion.

It doubles its function because it can remain always on, using it as a stair of blue color or lighting only in case of emergency.

This ensures the safety of knowing that in case the light jumps, even for a short time but leaving us in the dark, where to go to find a light always available.

The extraditable torch is combined with the socket and can serve us as a luminous reference even when the house is dark.

It works with LED light and lasts 2 hours.

Stair and emergency lamps functional even in case of blackout

Technologist offers a line dedicated to emergency lights such as Giotto, stair LED lamp and activation in case of current failure in the house.

Illuminates the environment with LED lights of white and high brightness, at 100% in emergency and 30% as night light.

It can be easily switched and operated with simple batteries. Consumes little and the emission of heat is very low.

Another built-in model is Galileo and is available in more colors to suit the style of the house or room/hallway that hosts it.

To ensure safety and immediate help in the moment of need, which as we have already said coincides with unpredictable episodes of Blackout, it may be advisable to equip your home lighting system with lamps for the emergencies that are lit at the moment of the current failure.

This is possible because we are talking about lamps that work with an integrated battery, guaranteeing up to three hours of light and autonomy.

An emergency lamp even has an integrated and extraditable torch, easy to handle and useful to guide us and move even in the different floors of the house, in the many rooms for a considerable period of time that is generally enough to Guarantee the necessary light until the normal functioning of the electric current is restored.

Emergency port Lamps

Avidsen proposes a whole range designed specifically to bring light where it is needed, in every context, situation and circumstance.

The Spotlight line boasts new-generation lithium batteries that will be a very important support in the absence of light.

Compared to lead, lithium batteries tolerate many more refills, have a longer lifespan and involve reduced savings, both from the point of view of environmental and economic impact, on our finances.

This new range consists of three products, soon for sale both in the stores and on the online portal.
The Spotlight model 1w LED is a portable lamp with suspension hook and magnet that facilitates the fixing of emergency wherever it serves.

If you want you can hang on the shoulder, to follow us by light in our every movement in space, in the House, as well as in the cellar or outside.

The autonomy is three hours with high light and up to 10 if in low light mode. The brightness varies from 40 to 90 lumens.

It always works with LED light also version 3w led and portable.
This is also made of ABS with a non-slip handle.

Here the duration is still higher: of four hours frontal and of eleven direct, with a brightness from 70 to 200 lumens.

Finally Spotlight 5w is the top of the range proposed by Avidsen, with lithium battery as always rechargeable and flashing as an emergency light.

The autonomy at high light is 5 hours, of 12 when it is used lower and 120 hours in emergency situations, to 14 lumens in the latter case. The brightness of the frontal light goes from 140 to 360 lumens. All the lamps can also be charged in the car.

Giant Table Lamps

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At first glance they recall the fantastic and allegorical adventures created by Jonathan Swift with his Gulliver’s travels.

We are talking about giant lamps: solutions that, a bit like Lilliput, are inspired or copy all over the mini version of the table or desk lamps, except for the size.

There are many manufacturers who have enjoyed creating macro versions of the support lamps, to be combined with mini-sisters to furnish the living room, the bedroom and why not, even the outdoor.

A sort of search for amazement, both for contrast effects and for particular extra large.

This is what happens with Tree of Light, the giant table lamp, which is actually a great solution from the ground, to be combined with a dining table or sofa. Created by the team of Vormstudio, formed by Renier Winkelaar and Anke Boelens, the lamp is a contrast of materials, with details made of steel and structure instead of oak wood.

View from afar it looks like a table lamp, of which there is also a small version, but in reality it is two meters high and has a series of seams able to make it particularly articulated and comfortable to illuminate also a large space of the house or in the garden or Still on a terrace.

It reminds us of its own name, giant 1227, the version of the giant table lamp created by the English company Anglepoise, to celebrate the 75 years of production of Anglepoise 1227, the table lamp with the original design by George Carwardine.

GIANT 1227 has a adjustable structure, is made of colored aluminum, in shades of Grey, orange, red, orange and cream; It supports a particular 100 watt bulb, also ideal for illuminating at a great distance.

The giant table lamp is appended to new creations in mini version, by Anglepoise Type1227 and Anglepoise Type1228, created by designer Kenneth Grange.

After 70 years from the famous L1, also Luxit created a few years ago a giant version of its most famous table lamp, born from the pen of Jac Jacobsen.

With a height of 2.3 meters and 80 kg of weight, this structure in appearance seems very light is able to amaze, as well as for the context also for the similarity out of scale with its homonymous mini.

Great JJ, the initials of the designer, is the archetype of the classic table light, then taken in many versions and many other companies.

Rigorous and essential lines, on an aluminum structure, declined in white, black and grey, also available for exteriors, which is only a meticulous but oversize version of the original model of 1937, created by the ITre style Center, the group’s brand, together with the Historical Luxit.

Giant lamps also for outdoor

The Swan XL lamp, the giant version of the table lamp created by Eero Aarnio, is instead of the Finnish company.

Created specifically to be combined with a comfortable reading armchair, it has an imposing shape, original and definitely in contrast to the slender shapes of giant lamps seen so far.

Composed of three elements, the base, the stem and the illuminating body, consists mainly of rotational molded polyethylene (PE-HD) and is available in the three colors white, black and yellow. Swan XL is a floor lamp designed to be placed near the armchair of a reader in need of light.

It provides an excellent focal point for both lighting a small corner of a private space, and in large public environments.

In short, this product made in Finland meets the needs of anyone who needs a lot of light!

And among the most famous brands could not Miss Artemide with his classic and unforgettable Ptolemy, in the corresponding oversize model!

Ptolemy XXL is the giant version of the table lamp created in 1987 by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassia.

Base of 92 cm in concrete, with a movable arms structure in polished aluminium and a diffuser made of satin opal thermoplastic material.

Scale 1:4, for an illuminating body that of the table lamp has only the shapes, with its almost 3 meters high, that allow to illuminate even particularly large environments, always wonderful for the unprecedented combination. Especially in the outdoor version.
The only drawback is that the design in this case has a price not really accessible: it is around 6,000 euros!

Dining Table Lamps

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In the kitchen and especially on the table, the right lamp.

Lighting the dining table in the right way is very important; It is around this table that you meet with family and friends, that you spend evenings chatting in company or organizing intimate dinners of couple.

The atmosphere therefore to be created on this table must be particular, the lighting should be carefully studied in order to give the necessary light to perform the functions but not annoy or fatigue the diners; The dining table is the place par excellence for conviviality, meetings with family and friends.

The types of lamp that best fit to brighten the dining table are suspended or grounded, directed on the center of the table; In addition to this punctual light then you will have to have in the room another diffused light that creates the basic lighting.

With regard to pendant lamps, they must be centered on the table, they can be a central or different of smaller dimensions distributed along the central axis of the dining table; You have to pay special attention to the height of the lighting body.

The intensity of the light must be studied in such a way as not to be dazzling but not too low and above all it must have a sufficiently wide radius to illuminate the whole table but not exaggerated because it would risk to annoy or create bad shadows on Faces of the diners.

The ideal height of the lamp from the table top is 70-120 cm, depending on the type of lamp and therefore the cone of light that emits as well as the size of the table; Many models can be adjusted in height in order to be modified according to the needs and number of the diners; This type of lamp is particularly suitable for rooms with high ceilings.

Light up the dining table

Shiny has recently proposed two novelties regarding the suspensions particularly suitable for the dining table: Mai and Lea.

Mai is a pendant or ceiling lamp characterized by a direct and diffused light, it has a painted metal structure and the lower part is closed with a transparent prismatic methacrylate surface that improves the luminous yield, giving an optimum light For the dining area.

The light sources are electronic fluorescent from 40W + 22W; It is available in either internal or external glossy white finish or in the glossy white version on the outside and glossy orange inside or even red metallic or black glossy outside and white glossy inside.

Different colors that allow to adapt to different contexts and furnishings, the glossy color contributes not to weigh down the object and the reflections make it lighter.

The dimensions of the suspension are diameter 50 cm and Height 157 cm, the body is 17 cm high.

Lea is available with suspension, ceiling or wall; The structure is in glossy white painted metal, copper and black with a diffuser in the lower part in Opal PMMA.

The power supply is electronic and the suspension dimensions are 50 x H 160 cm.

Some exciting novelties for the dining area have also been presented by Moooi, such as Mistral, a PVC pendant lamp with an integrated fan inside.

The structure is formed by a chromed body, wooden and PVC blades and glass diffused, in dark brown, white with yellow blades.

It can be positioned at different heights ranging from 107 cm to 20 cm.

It is a very young and dynamic lamp, the shape is classic but the modern finishes and the fan inside remote controlled with a remote control make it unique and very particular.

Whether in the home or office area, where you work on your computer or have to consult documents, it is essential to be able to rely on adequate lighting.

In the summer, in fact, the long days help us to work, relying for many hours to the only natural light. But in the other months of the year or where the desk is placed in a corner not really exposed to light, or even when the houses are dark, it is crucial to intervene creating lighting points designed precisely to turn on the work table.

The table lamps can have different shapes, sizes and heights, can be fixed or adjustable, thanks to the extensible arm. In any case the choice of work lighting should not be neglected. In addition to functionality, we can find many innovative and design proposals, able to combine aesthetic taste and adequate performance.

Transparent table Lamps

An original proposal, very airy and certainly appreciated by those who follow the lines of the most trendy fashion home or want an iconic table light is the transparent lamp.

The advantages of this type of desk lights are many: in the first place they are adapted to different environments, from classic to modern furnishings.

A transparent lamp creates a pleasant contrast if placed on an antique wooden desk, as on a secretariat, but it will also be perfectly located in a minimal and contemporary studio.

The versatility of these objects continues to please a lot: it gives the idea not to clutter and close the space, because at first glance it is almost invisible, until it turns to the need, emanating a clear light and direct on the workstation.

A first solution is the Bourgie table lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. This pure design object is still one of the most appreciated and most sold pieces by the company.

To conquer, of this lamp, is the magic and successful combination of Baroque, rich, important and irony form and the modernity of plexiglass. The lamp develops vertically with care in detail, to return an opulent object and strong personality.

To overstay the whole composition is the lampshade, made with pleated workmanship, beautiful to see and surprising for the game of reflections that creates when it is on.

This lamp is not static, but you can choose between three different possible heights, from 68 to 78 cm, depending on the beam of light we want to get, more or less close to the sheet or the computer.

In addition to the Home Office area, you can find a good location even on a dresser, to create a light and atmospheric point of passage, perhaps in the hallway, or used in the bedroom or on a table in the living area as a complementary and scenographic light.

Of Kartell is also the Taj lamp, designed by the designer of the previous proposal, but diametrically opposed by line and spirit. Modern, minimal and no frills, it consists of a curved line, as a three-dimensional sign.

Taj works with LED lights: a powerful and energy-saving light comes out of a lamp so discreet. The transparent variant is called naked, to recall a bare, light, essential and design trait.

Those who love transparencies will also appreciate the new generation version of Fat-boy’s Table lamp.

Transloetje, like her sisters in other colors, recalls for the simple form the table lamps or bedside tables of the past, but revisited in a modern key.

The characteristic is the fact that the lamp is wireless and therefore portable, practical to move from one room to another to make light where and when needed: on the desk when working, in the living room for reading, in the room as Abatjour.

In addition to the transparent version here considered is available in other color variants.

The light bulb is the real protagonist, at sight, as it is placed in the center of the structure and stands out in transparency. The switch is integrated and the lamp operates on battery. All in PVC, both transparent and with pastel color nuances, always clear, it lends itself both to a place inside the house and outside.

Extensible Table Lamps

The lamps traditionally most common for the desk are those with swivel and extensible arm, designed to illuminate the work area closely.

The volley aluminum model of FontanaArte designed by Odo Faulkner is suitable for those looking for a classic but colorful, modern and certainly useful solution for the work.

Although rather simple in the line, it boasts an advanced technology based on touch sensors that serve to turn it on, turn it off and adjust the intensity of the light beam and LED light. Accompanying the arm you can point the light precisely on what we are interested in luminary, choosing also the intensity according to the natural light that changes with the passing of the hours of the day.

The softer accompanies, while the more intense level of the four replaces the natural light when the sun goes away. Little cumbersome, agile, intelligent and light is a solution of great value.

Very original, in combining tradition and novelty, it is the lamp Wood Muuto, a reinterpretation in an ironic and innovative key of the lamp used by architects, with an extensible arm to better adapt to the needs of those who work at the table.

All in wood recalls the northern European tradition, in Scandinavian style, very current in the interior design of these last years: it has details of style at sight, as the screws that stand out in contrast and the power cable in colored rubber.

Original lamps for the desk

Satisfied with the more traditional office workers and lovers of transparent design, we discover some original models of table lamps, able to fulfill their function, also contributing to furnish the room with taste and a touch of novelty.

The Draw lamp by Doiy, is really an unusual choice: although made of ceramic, it contains a light bulb in the light bulb. In fact, the real flash that radiates the light emerges from a hole placed on a ceramic tablet.
The optical effect is really innovative, creative and fun. But the original aspects do not end here: The table lamp can be customized in a thousand different ways because the perforated surface where the light comes out is a white table, made to be drawn and decorated.

You can indulge and return children by choosing to hatch the drawing or the preferred silhouette, which can change as many times as we want.

The appropriate pen is cancellable and is directly in the packaging of the Draw Lamp.

We conclude with a very special object, the IC T1 table lamp proposed by the Flos brand and designed by Michael Anastassiades. Here the object does not recall the traditional lamps with extendable arm, but it represents a unicum.
The light radiates from an opaque blown glass sphere, a sort of crystal ball that reminds the world of artists who perform by moving and dancing on their body, with smooth and perfect movements. The result is sophisticated but sober, versatile and tasteful, suitable for those looking for something really different from the usual.

The sphere, which seems almost suspended, is supported and accompanied by a very thin and elegant brass stem. It seems to be able to keep it in balance by serving the fulcrum of composition.

Euroluce, the lighting exhibition par excellence, takes place every two years in conjunction with the Salone del Mobile in Milan; There are many novelties for the 2013 edition (9-14 April), in particular the concept of hand made, made in Italy and eco-compatibility, combined with elegance and extravagance.

The Home & Lighting porcelains focus on contemporary suggestions that, however, dialogue and interact with tradition; Among the novelties presented at Euroluce is the new Palazzo Vecchio collection, which is inspired by the decorations on the geometry of the coffered ceilings typical of Renaissance Florence.

These lamps, however, manage to adapt very well to contemporary contexts; They are made entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen, according to the tradition hand Made in Italy, in porcelain, with square shapes very difficult to realize.

The Palazzo Vecchio collection includes lamps, appliques and furnishing accessories such as cachepot clocks and centerpieces; The chandeliers, from 8 to 40 lights are designed for private furnishings but also for larger rooms.

The new lamps presented by Exnovo, for the first time present at Euroluce, are characterized by a suggestive design, between these Saturn hanging, night hanging and Spring hanging, designed by wild Armani and available both in modular modules and in version Single, made of Sintered polyamide.

They are original, innovative but also functional lamps, produced through Industrial 3d Printing Technologies, which are able to create particular atmospheres, unique, magical and modern scenographies; The particular shape of spring hanging lamp, for example, resembles a flying saucer suspended in space.

The light, which filters from the very complex texture of the surface, makes it a special object, unique, rich in facets and details.

Eco-sustainability and tradition

Instead, they focus on the eco-compatibility of the Green Line eclectic lamps, presented at the Fiera da Masio, designed by designers Gianpaolo Rampolla and Andrea Liguori.

The versions are two: the “Lib” (two suspensions, a floor lamp and a table lamps), has a light and delicate shape reminiscent of the wings of a dragonfly. The lam round (two suspensions and a table lamp) have a soft and essential shape: an empty circle from which the light simply escapes.

For these new projects presented at the Salone 2018, Masio decided to use only environmentally friendly materials, such as natural turned oak wood and the LED with warm light, combined with Egyptian crystal diamonds, characterized by Special effects that amplify the refraction, creating a flashing effect.

The Dropop lights appear as brilliant, colourful and fresh drops, to remember a light spring rain: Created by the change, unleash and Turini designers are available in infinite compositions thanks to the modular structure, to the many colors and weight content that allows installation on any surface.

Masio combines modernity and contemporaneity inspired by Pop art, with unique effects thanks to the luminous drops that play with the light of the LED and the color; A special attention to eco-sustainability is combined with this aesthetic research.

They bring back in time the novelties that Karman presents to Euroluce 2018 demonstrating how the past and the tradition can give an added value to the present telling stories and passions: inspired by the chandeliers with lampshades in fabric of yesteryear, the Karman’s Life lamps have a nostalgic look and a bit retro, but are made with cutting edge technology.

The torn and ruined fabric takes on a vintage air, but in reality it is the result of a semi-industrial process with which the fabric is first dyed and worked on the laser to obtain the design and then is treated manually to make breakages and mending.

Finally it is washed with a stone wash process and sprayed with a special pigment that gives the fabric the particular effect used and the object appears so lived, almost familiar, welcoming.

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