How to Replace the Lamp in Refrigerator –

How to Replace the Lamp in Refrigerator

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All emergency lights use a battery to power the lamps to ensure continuous availability of the device. These batteries are rechargeable and can be of two types: Hermetic lead batteries (similar to those used in cars), nickel-cadmium batteries and sealed lead acid batteries; These are the oldest rechargeable batteries available today. They are composed of two plates in lead alloy dipped in acid, which breaks the plates producing electrons that give rise to the electricity. More recently, lead battery technology has improved, allowing you to have fully sealed units that do not require the addition of water to keep the acid level balanced. However, it is necessary to provide for periodic substitution. Let’s see how to replace the battery of an emergency lamp.

How many times we have opened the refrigerator and find it completely in the dark, immediately we think that the light has gone away but then we notice that the problem concerns the light bulb that no longer works. Generally each refrigerator is placed with a light source, this like all the lamps after a number of operating hours can interrupt its operation. All the necessary information on how to replace the lamp in the refrigerator you will find them in the steps of this guide.

It is advisable, before proceeding to replace, to make sure that the problem is the light bulb. In fact it is often just the plastic mechanism that crashes. So with open fridge we try to press the button on which the door rests when it closes. If the mechanism is working and even pressing the light will not turn on then the bulb has blown.

It is essential, however, before manipulating any object that works by current, unplug or intervene in the main switch of the apartment. So also in this case to work in absolute safety detach the current. Having done this, we open the refrigerator and locate the position of the lamp, inside of it. This is usually at the top right. We remove the various foods that do not allow us to work in comfort and, make room. In case we have a second refrigerator we have the option to move food.

At this point, we take the screwdriver, usually serves the cross but, the type changes from model and brand of the appliance. Unscrew the lamp cover fixing screws then, remove the cover, taking care not to lose the screws and pull the lamp out.

Of course, we’re going to replace a bulb corresponding to the one removed. When we go to buy it, we present to the dealer that the lamp we need for a refrigerator, then specially built to withstand the cold. However, we keep the receipt in case the lamp purchased is not good for our fridge. At this point we can screw or insert the lamp contacts and, re-position the lamp cover, with the special locking screws. Finally the light is back in our refrigerator and, we no longer have to turn on a light in the middle of the night in order to get something from inside the refrigerator.

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