How to Make a Durable Emergency Lamps –

How to Make a Durable Emergency Lamps

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How many times in a year you should replace the lamp emergency whether it’s because of damaged or because we’ve never diligently to care for as diligently to do cleanup and charging battery contained therein regularly once a week , for that there is a very easy way so that our emergency lights can last a long time and we can use continuously without the need to perform regular maintenance, doing only minor changes, please follow the steps below:

Prepare tools and materials like in the picture below.

1. Soldering iron
2. Lead soldering and also lotfet to clean the tip of the solder
3. A screwdriver to open the bolt on emergency lamps
4. USB cable
5. Power Bank with a large battery capacity
6. Extension of USB port 4.

After all the tools and ingredients prepared the next step is unpacking the emergency lamp using screwdriver, open all the bolts that hold the casing of the emergency lights, and describe all the circuit and cable contained therein, remember beware lest there is a cable is disconnected or connected short at the time of unpacking.

After all the circuit and cable breaks down with a good next step is to measure the voltage of the battery used in the emergency lights, when the voltage read on the multi-meter/avometer is 5V then lights emergency ready for modification.

Look at the series of PCB found in the emergency lamps, then look at the image below.

The part that was given a circle is part of the cable that has to be modified, for the blue cable is a cable that connected with electricity 220V AC cable, while the red and black cable is connected to the battery, to Blue cable you can eliminate by means of cutting or removing the solder, while for the red and black wires connected to the battery you can cut the core as in figure below.

After the blue cable is removed and the red and black wires connected to the battery in pieces then the next step is to cut the USB cable and peel the outer skin of the cable so that the cable inside the visible, such as a USB cable in General then you will find the content of the cables are red, black, green, and white, and then you can cut the wires are green and white with a red cord and leaving her black just like in the picture below.

The steps were later you can connect the red cable on the USB cable with the red cable that is contained in a series of emergency lights, as well as cables are black, in connecting the cable it is recommended to do the soldering and wrapped with electrical insulation or a burn like in the picture below.

After the USB cable and the cable series on emergency lights is connected properly then you can set him back all the casing and also tidying up the USB cable as shown above, and emergency lights are ready to try. connect the USB cable of yesteryear with the power of the bank that you have and just like in the picture below: emergency lights are lit with a good and durable can be turned on him. The experiment I did for power bank with capacity 5000mAh can light up 8-10 range, of course if your bank power capacity greater then his old emergency light usage will also be longer.

Easy enough right, good luck hopefully dead lights this time doesn’t make you annoyed because it can still get the bright light.

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