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Emergency Lighting at Home

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We often take it for granted, but lighting at home is fundamental.

To study the positioning and the typology, local per room, according to the function of use, the height of the ceiling, the aesthetics and more, it is useful to not neglect anything and to have always available the right light, especially when it is evening.

In These winter months especially, when the days are short and the hours of light decrease, you realize how much you have an adequate lighting system is basic. But we also think of the emergency situations that can arise, when maybe for a strong thunderstorm or a drop in tension there is a blackout and we remain in the dark suddenly and without warning in our house.

Although it is a space that we know by heart, when we no longer have visual references it becomes difficult to reach the landing to see if the current there is present or even just find a lamp or an emergency torch CE allow us to intervene to Restore artificial light.

For blackout we mean the temporary suspension of the electricity supply, the one that in the house allows us to operate lighting, but also household appliances of various kinds.

Discomfort is always important: You do not orient yourself, you feel helpless and not safer.

Also if the appliances were functioning and normally attached to the current, they stop and if the current does not return in a matter of minutes, you risk having to throw food supplies in the fridge or freezer for example.

In fact the autonomy is a few hours, closed fixture, but no more. Moreover, especially when it is dark outside, you notice how until the current is not returned, it is impossible to do any activity: work, clean house, cook, etc.

For all these reasons we must never overlook the importance of having one or more emergency lights, which can be fixed, attached to the wall or to the power sockets, or even mobile, such as torches or portable lamps.

LED emergency lamps and pull-out torches

A good solution, practical and functional, is represented by the emergency lights extractable.

The advantages lie in the fact that we always know where to find them and how to reach them.

At this point we can extract and use them to make our way and illuminate the spaces, avoiding to stumble and to bump into obstacles and impediments.

A first example of this typology is represented by a Linergy, portable and LED emergency lamp.

This perfect emergency lamp can be installed inside a frame that can be of different colors: white, grey or black, to get married perfectly with the other plaques of the house.

Two versions available: two or three modules.

Installation and assembly are easy because it fits the ignition plates that we have at home.

Discreet and tidy, it lives in the plaque but at the need, when it is able to illuminate the house following an annoying blackout, it extracts pulling from its base and carries it with itself like a portable and autonomous torch for a duration of two hours with a recharge of 12 Hours.

Its battery recharges and replaces its exhaustion.

It doubles its function because it can remain always on, using it as a stair of blue color or lighting only in case of emergency.

This ensures the safety of knowing that in case the light jumps, even for a short time but leaving us in the dark, where to go to find a light always available.

The extraditable torch is combined with the socket and can serve us as a luminous reference even when the house is dark.

It works with LED light and lasts 2 hours.

Stair and emergency lamps functional even in case of blackout

Technologist offers a line dedicated to emergency lights such as Giotto, stair LED lamp and activation in case of current failure in the house.

Illuminates the environment with LED lights of white and high brightness, at 100% in emergency and 30% as night light.

It can be easily switched and operated with simple batteries. Consumes little and the emission of heat is very low.

Another built-in model is Galileo and is available in more colors to suit the style of the house or room/hallway that hosts it.

To ensure safety and immediate help in the moment of need, which as we have already said coincides with unpredictable episodes of Blackout, it may be advisable to equip your home lighting system with lamps for the emergencies that are lit at the moment of the current failure.

This is possible because we are talking about lamps that work with an integrated battery, guaranteeing up to three hours of light and autonomy.

An emergency lamp even has an integrated and extraditable torch, easy to handle and useful to guide us and move even in the different floors of the house, in the many rooms for a considerable period of time that is generally enough to Guarantee the necessary light until the normal functioning of the electric current is restored.

Emergency port Lamps

Avidsen proposes a whole range designed specifically to bring light where it is needed, in every context, situation and circumstance.

The Spotlight line boasts new-generation lithium batteries that will be a very important support in the absence of light.

Compared to lead, lithium batteries tolerate many more refills, have a longer lifespan and involve reduced savings, both from the point of view of environmental and economic impact, on our finances.

This new range consists of three products, soon for sale both in the stores and on the online portal.
The Spotlight model 1w LED is a portable lamp with suspension hook and magnet that facilitates the fixing of emergency wherever it serves.

If you want you can hang on the shoulder, to follow us by light in our every movement in space, in the House, as well as in the cellar or outside.

The autonomy is three hours with high light and up to 10 if in low light mode. The brightness varies from 40 to 90 lumens.

It always works with LED light also version 3w led and portable.
This is also made of ABS with a non-slip handle.

Here the duration is still higher: of four hours frontal and of eleven direct, with a brightness from 70 to 200 lumens.

Finally Spotlight 5w is the top of the range proposed by Avidsen, with lithium battery as always rechargeable and flashing as an emergency light.

The autonomy at high light is 5 hours, of 12 when it is used lower and 120 hours in emergency situations, to 14 lumens in the latter case. The brightness of the frontal light goes from 140 to 360 lumens. All the lamps can also be charged in the car.

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