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Functional and Design Desk Lamps for Study

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Whether in the home or office area, where you work on your computer or have to consult documents, it is essential to be able to rely on adequate lighting.

In the summer, in fact, the long days help us to work, relying for many hours to the only natural light. But in the other months of the year or where the desk is placed in a corner not really exposed to light, or even when the houses are dark, it is crucial to intervene creating lighting points designed precisely to turn on the work table.

The table lamps can have different shapes, sizes and heights, can be fixed or adjustable, thanks to the extensible arm. In any case the choice of work lighting should not be neglected. In addition to functionality, we can find many innovative and design proposals, able to combine aesthetic taste and adequate performance.

Transparent table Lamps

An original proposal, very airy and certainly appreciated by those who follow the lines of the most trendy fashion home or want an iconic table light is the transparent lamp.

The advantages of this type of desk lights are many: in the first place they are adapted to different environments, from classic to modern furnishings.

A transparent lamp creates a pleasant contrast if placed on an antique wooden desk, as on a secretariat, but it will also be perfectly located in a minimal and contemporary studio.

The versatility of these objects continues to please a lot: it gives the idea not to clutter and close the space, because at first glance it is almost invisible, until it turns to the need, emanating a clear light and direct on the workstation.

A first solution is the Bourgie table lamp designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell. This pure design object is still one of the most appreciated and most sold pieces by the company.

To conquer, of this lamp, is the magic and successful combination of Baroque, rich, important and irony form and the modernity of plexiglass. The lamp develops vertically with care in detail, to return an opulent object and strong personality.

To overstay the whole composition is the lampshade, made with pleated workmanship, beautiful to see and surprising for the game of reflections that creates when it is on.

This lamp is not static, but you can choose between three different possible heights, from 68 to 78 cm, depending on the beam of light we want to get, more or less close to the sheet or the computer.

In addition to the Home Office area, you can find a good location even on a dresser, to create a light and atmospheric point of passage, perhaps in the hallway, or used in the bedroom or on a table in the living area as a complementary and scenographic light.

Of Kartell is also the Taj lamp, designed by the designer of the previous proposal, but diametrically opposed by line and spirit. Modern, minimal and no frills, it consists of a curved line, as a three-dimensional sign.

Taj works with LED lights: a powerful and energy-saving light comes out of a lamp so discreet. The transparent variant is called naked, to recall a bare, light, essential and design trait.

Those who love transparencies will also appreciate the new generation version of Fat-boy’s Table lamp.

Transloetje, like her sisters in other colors, recalls for the simple form the table lamps or bedside tables of the past, but revisited in a modern key.

The characteristic is the fact that the lamp is wireless and therefore portable, practical to move from one room to another to make light where and when needed: on the desk when working, in the living room for reading, in the room as Abatjour.

In addition to the transparent version here considered is available in other color variants.

The light bulb is the real protagonist, at sight, as it is placed in the center of the structure and stands out in transparency. The switch is integrated and the lamp operates on battery. All in PVC, both transparent and with pastel color nuances, always clear, it lends itself both to a place inside the house and outside.

Extensible Table Lamps

The lamps traditionally most common for the desk are those with swivel and extensible arm, designed to illuminate the work area closely.

The volley aluminum model of FontanaArte designed by Odo Faulkner is suitable for those looking for a classic but colorful, modern and certainly useful solution for the work.

Although rather simple in the line, it boasts an advanced technology based on touch sensors that serve to turn it on, turn it off and adjust the intensity of the light beam and LED light. Accompanying the arm you can point the light precisely on what we are interested in luminary, choosing also the intensity according to the natural light that changes with the passing of the hours of the day.

The softer accompanies, while the more intense level of the four replaces the natural light when the sun goes away. Little cumbersome, agile, intelligent and light is a solution of great value.

Very original, in combining tradition and novelty, it is the lamp Wood Muuto, a reinterpretation in an ironic and innovative key of the lamp used by architects, with an extensible arm to better adapt to the needs of those who work at the table.

All in wood recalls the northern European tradition, in Scandinavian style, very current in the interior design of these last years: it has details of style at sight, as the screws that stand out in contrast and the power cable in colored rubber.

Original lamps for the desk

Satisfied with the more traditional office workers and lovers of transparent design, we discover some original models of table lamps, able to fulfill their function, also contributing to furnish the room with taste and a touch of novelty.

The Draw lamp by Doiy, is really an unusual choice: although made of ceramic, it contains a light bulb in the light bulb. In fact, the real flash that radiates the light emerges from a hole placed on a ceramic tablet.
The optical effect is really innovative, creative and fun. But the original aspects do not end here: The table lamp can be customized in a thousand different ways because the perforated surface where the light comes out is a white table, made to be drawn and decorated.

You can indulge and return children by choosing to hatch the drawing or the preferred silhouette, which can change as many times as we want.

The appropriate pen is cancellable and is directly in the packaging of the Draw Lamp.

We conclude with a very special object, the IC T1 table lamp proposed by the Flos brand and designed by Michael Anastassiades. Here the object does not recall the traditional lamps with extendable arm, but it represents a unicum.
The light radiates from an opaque blown glass sphere, a sort of crystal ball that reminds the world of artists who perform by moving and dancing on their body, with smooth and perfect movements. The result is sophisticated but sober, versatile and tasteful, suitable for those looking for something really different from the usual.

The sphere, which seems almost suspended, is supported and accompanied by a very thin and elegant brass stem. It seems to be able to keep it in balance by serving the fulcrum of composition.

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